1988     Girl, Girl, Girl- Mercury (Japan)

              Gee, Birthday Party, 442 Glenwood Avenue

              60ís Sound Patio Collection- Polygram (Japan)
              Gee, Birthday Party, 442 Glenwood Avenue

1989     Classic Oldies (single)

              Birthday Party/442 Glenwood Ave

              Golden Girl Groups- K-Tel

              442 Glenwood Avenue

1990     Happy Birthday Baby- CEEMA, a division of Capitol

               Birthday Party

1993     Golden Records Girl Collection 1- A-Side Record Company (Japan)

              Cold Cold Winter

1996     Growiní Up Too Fast:  The Girl Group Anthology- Mercury

              442 Glenwood Avenue, Cold Cold Winter, Birthday Party and Summertime USA 

              Treasured Tunes 4- Stardust (Canadian)

              442 Glenwood Avenue

2000     Early Girls Vol. 3- Ace Records, LTD (UK) 

              Birthday Party

2008    Those East Coast Girls- The Philly Sound

              Birthday Party, 442 Glenwood Avenue, Cold Cold Winter and Summertime USA

2009     Doo-Wop Party- Doo-wop Records

              After the Party




1964    Party With the Pixies Three- Mercury

1995    Now and Then- Kristebelle

1996    Vintage Pixies- Kristebelle

2000    Tribute to the Girl Groups- Kristebelle

2001    Our History Ė Crystal Ball

2003    40 Years and Counting- Kristebelle

2005    Dance the Night Away- Kristebelle

2006    Party With the Pixies Three - Mercury (Japan)






1961    Sincerely/Graduation Time- Unreleased
 I Donít Care/Tell Me/OurLove- Unreleased

1963    Birthday Party/Our Love- Mercury
             Cold Cold Winter/442 Glenwood Avenue- Mercury

1964    Gee/After the Party- Mercury

             Itís Summertime USA/The Hootch- Mercury

1965    Orphan boy/Loved Walked In- Mercury
             Your Way/Love Me, Love Me- Mercury